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Turkish Physical Society 36th International Physics Congress
September 01-05, 2020 - Bodrum / Turkey

The Turkish Physical Society 36th International Physics Congress (TPS-36), which is planned to be held by the Turkish Physical Society between 01-05 September 2020, will be held in Bodrum Municipality Herodot Culture Center - Konacık, Bodrum / Muğla

1- Related to Corona virüs pandemic, Daily life in Turkey become normal with providing some precautions (mask, social distance, disinfection).
2- Therefore, the Turkish Physical Society 36th International Physics Congress will be held between September 1-5, 2020 in Bodrum-Muğla/Turkey.
3- There will be online options (zoom etc) for invited speakers and participants who can not be able to join our congress.
4- Another option with low possibility is to perform our congress only by online participation (zoom etc) in case second wave of Corona virüs outbreak.

You can find detailed information on the congress website

Participants who want to attend the TPS36 Congress with an oral presentation and/or poster presentation or only as a participant should be registered on the website below.

Please use the link to register;

You can find detailed information about the refereed journals (SCI, Science Citation Index Expanded, TR Dizin Citation, The Conference Proceedings Citation Index (part of Web of Science) Scopus (Elsevier), Inspec, etc.) you will apply for the publication of the full texts of your oral and poster presentations.

The list of conference topics.
01 – Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • Atomic Physics
  • Molecular Physics
  • Laser Technology
  • Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Atomic Spectroscopy
  • Laser Spectroscopy
  • Molecular Imaging
  • Non-Linear Physics
  • Quantum Physics
  • Cold Atoms, Ions, Molecules and Plasma
  • Astrophysics (Experimental)
  • Polymers
  • Radiation Physics
  • Molecular Docking
  • Structure and Properties of Atoms, Ions and Molecules
  • Etc..
02 – Applied Physics
  • Geophysics and Related Topics
  • Atmospheric Events and Application
  • Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
  • Electrical and Electronics Technology
  • Environmental Engineering and Technologies
  • Computer Sciences in Physics
  • Computer Simulation Studies in Physics
  • Application of Machine and Deep Learning to Physical Sciences
  • Optical Physics
  • Polymer Sciences
  • Acoustic
  • Etc..
03 – Condensed Matter Physics
  • Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine
  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Solid-State and Crystal Physics
  • Crystal Physics Technology
  • Nano Surfaces
  • Nano Interfaces
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Etc..
04 – Energy and Applications
  • Solar Energy and Application
  • Photovoltaic Technology
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Bioenergy and Biomass Energy Technology
  • Wind Energy and Application
  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Sustainable Fossil Energy Systems
  • Renewable Energy Technologies, Management and Environmental İmpact
  • Energy Utilization and Environmental Effect, Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable Energy Technologies in The Built Environment 
  • Climate Change Modelling/Simulation, Climate Networks, Weather Forecasts/Scenarios
  • Renewables, Hydrogen/Nuclear/Other Cleaner Energy Resources/Technologies
  • Etc…
05- High Energy, Particle and Plasma Physics
  • Accelerator Physics
  • High Energy and Particle Physics
  • Plasma Technology and Application
  • Chaotic Systems
  • Quantum Information
  • Quantum Entanglement
  • Non-Linear Physics
  • Etc…
06-Material Science and Applications
  • Surfaces, Interfaces and Colloids
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Polymers and Amorphous Materials
  • Biomaterials Science and Engineering
  • Melting and Casting
  • Powder Metallurgy
  • Steels and Steel Production Technologies
  • Mechanical Behaviour of Materials Ceramic and Glass
  • Science and Technology Composite Materials
  • Materials Characterization
  • Glass Science and Engineering
  • Plastic Engineering
  • Membranes and Membrane Science
  • Sol-Gel Science and Technology
  • Thin Film and Choating Technology
  • Construction Materials
  • CO2 Reduction and Low Carbon Technologies 
  • Etc…
07-Mathematical Physics, Astrophysics and Applications
  • Cosmology
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Astrophysics and Space Science
  • Astronomy
  • Dynamical Systems
  • Mathematical Modelling In Physical Sciences
  • Computational Mathematics,
  • Statistical Physics
  • Etc..
08-Medical Physics and Applications
  • Medical Physics
  • Biophysics
  • Radiotherapy and Application
  • Radiology-Radiobiology and Application
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Etc…
09-Nuclear Physics
  • Nuclear Structure
  • Reactor Technology
  • Hadron Structure
  • Neutron Physics
  • Nuclear Astrophysics
  • Radiation Physics
  • Nuclear Application In Life Sciences
  • Spectroscopy and Measurement Techniques
  • Etc..
10-Physics Education and Applications
  • Learning / Teaching Methodologies and Assessment
  • Global Issues In Education and Research
  • Educational Measurement & Evaluation
  • Teaching and Learning Processes
  • Communication Technologies in Education
  • Information Technologies in Education
  • Science and Mathematics Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Internet Technologies
  • Etc..    

NOTE: Those who urgently need an invitation/acceptance document to attend the TPS36 congress can contact our congress mailing address at

Sincere greetings and best wishes for success!
TPS-36 Organizing Committee